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Whee! Mostly writing. Hope you enjoy! c:


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Alrighty! So! I've given up on Night Flowers and Dragon Wolves (though I still love the idea), and have moved onto a more manageable project called iMpurity. Also, I've decided to scratch almost everything on this account and create a new beginning. I'm going to try to put my stuff out there a little more and find other friends on here to keep me writing and not bored. Summer helps!
Welcome to anyone who sees me and thanks for even bothering to look! Y'all rock!
I'm always looking for criticism on my writing and I would love suggestions, as long as it isn't something along the lines of "give up". I feel that I am a (not good enough, but) good writer and I am improving all the time. Please, if you like my writing, tell your friends! And do talk to me, I'm quite lonely :c

So yeah! c:



Jakob Thalimer
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Hi! I'm Jakob, but feel free to call me Jake. I am an androphillic genderfluid/agendered teenager struggling to force myself through highschool. I am sort of working on convincing people to stop the ridiculous bullshit system that is "social justice" and replace it with something that works a little better, despite it's cheesy sound/appearance (being kind and not sending hate mail or being prejudiced towards anyone). Except that's really my life on my tumblr]. Not here.
I write, play the violin and piano, and draw sometimes. My non-artsy interests are physics, linguistics, and world language studies. I'm not particularly good (nor decent) at drawing, but I am quite good at the violin and I am good at writing as well. My main problem is focus on any one writing project, and such is my main focus at fixing! I thank anyone who supports me and/or follows my writing.

If you like my writing, I will do commissions. Maybe. Here's the link to my rules etc: [Commissions Rules]
You don't want my shit art. Don't ask for it. I will eat your brains.
I will draw that scenario for you... c:

sooooo Yeah! That's me c: Enjoy life.

Current project: iMpurity

[account abandoned, thankyouverymuch<3]
If wish to find me somewhere I'm active, I'm actually on FA & FAF now as Blissful.Oblivion, although I'm not putting writing there. Only my art. Which has improved greatly.

aaaaaaand now that FA/F has crashed, I'm on Weasyl! <: That's a nice place too. My mainsite handle is and my forum handle is BlissfulOblivion.

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